When is Benidorm on ITV tonight, who joins Joan Collins in a expel …

FANS can breathe a whine of relief, as ITV’s Benidorm is BACK.

The award-winning TV uncover has returned for a ninth array – here is what we know so far…

ITVs Benidorm is behind for a new series

ITV’s Benidorm is behind for a new series

What is Benidorm? When can we watch Series 9?

ITV’s award-winning uncover Benidorm has returned to a screens.

The comedy follows a lives of Brits abroad during a comprehensive The Solana hotel in a heart of Benidorm, with waggish consequences.

Series nine began on Wednesday 1 Mar 2017, and continues with part 3 tonight during 9pm on ITV1.

You can locate it again on a ITV Hub.

The new array will run for 9 episodes, and will be on during a same time each Wednesday.

Jacqueline Stewart has to collect possibly Ant or Dec in trailer for new Benidorm series

Which characters will be returning to a new array of Benidorm?

Many of a fan-favourite characters will be behind for this latest array – nonetheless a Garvey family is still absent.

Sherrie Hewson (Joyce Temple-Savage), Jake Canuso (Mateo Castellanos) and Tim Healy (Les/Lesley Conroy) were a initial characters announced to make a lapse to a show.

But in May 2016, Tim fell ill while filming, ensuing in him being created out of half of a series.

Tony Maudsley (Kenneth Du Beke), Danny Walters (Tiger Dyke), Josh Bolt (Rob Dawson), Paul Bazely (Troy Ramsbottom), Nathan Bryon (Joey Ellis), Adam Gillen (Liam Conroy) and a loveable Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline Stewart) all return.

Fans will be gratified to hear that Johnny Vegas personification Geoff Maltby and Elsie Kelly, personification his darling silent Noreen Maltby will be back, as good as his on-screen dipsomaniac sister Pauline Maltby played by Selina Griffiths.

It’s also been reliable that Shelley Longworth would be reprising her purpose as Sam Wood for a ninth array carrying not seemed given Series 5.

Nigel Havers will be fasten a expel of this award-winning show

Nigel Havers will be fasten a expel of this award-winning show

Will there be any new characters introduced to Benidorm?

The Solana Hotel is set to get an upgrade, in a form of a sexy and worldly Nigel Havers.

The posh star is set to star as a conniving conman in a sun-soaked sitcom.

Speaking of his knowledge in a Spanish resort, famous for a boozing, he said: “They have lots of inexpensive ethanol that means everybody in Benidorm is totally smashed, many of a time! It’s so appalling to demeanour at.”

Joan Collins will be popping adult again for Series 9

Joan Collins will be popping adult again for Series 9

Will Joan Collins be in a new array of Benidorm?

Joan Collins will lapse to Benidorm for Series 9.

The Hollywood singer will reprise her purpose as Crystal Hennesey-Vaas, a CEO of a Solana Hotel Group.

Joan has had a repeated purpose in a uncover given 2014.

It’s not been reliable that part she will seem in yet.

Jake Canuso confirms Joan Collins for Benidorm film on Lorraine

Where do they film Benidorm? Is a Solana a genuine hotel?

The Solana is a hotel featured in a uncover where a characters stay.

However, nonetheless a hotel featured is a REAL hotel, it is not called The Solana – and there are dual of them.

The pool scenes are filmed during a Sol Pelícanos Ocas in Benidorm.

The room scenes are filmed in a Acuariam II Apartments, that overlooks a pool.

But a accepting area including Kenneth’s Blow n’ Go salon, is a studio set.

The dusk scenes where a guest are in ‘Neptune’s’ is indeed filmed during a Morgan’s Tavern, that is roughly directly opposite a highway from Sol Pelícanos Ocas.

Tim Healy will be behind for a initial half of a new array only, after a health scare

Tim Healy will be behind for a initial half of a new array only, after a health scare



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