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Benidorm fans start campaign to ‘Bring Back The Garveys’ – their favourite family who were written out of the hit …

BENIDORM fans have flocked to social media to begin a campaign to bring back their favourite family, the Garveys.

The Garvey brood left the show in series seven and have been replaced by the Dawson family, but fans are demanding their return.

Viewers are missing the Garveys from the new series and want them back on the show

Viewers are missing the Garveys from the new series and want them back on the show

Taking to Twitter, one viewers wrote: “i refuse to watch Benidorm anymore !! i don’t like this new fam someone start a petition to bring back the garveys”

Another added: “#benidorm I absolutely love this show, but not loving the Dawson family or that irritating t*t joey! Bring back the Garveys!!”

One fan tweeted: “@DerrenLitten Pls bring back the Garveys they where by far the best characters”

Another stated: “@BenidormTVshow bite the bullet and bring back the garveys.”

A fan tweeted: “@DerrenLitten Bring back the garveys miss them they was the best family on TV”

Another wrote: “It’s nowhere near as funny. Though Liam and Kenny  are great! Bring back the Garveys! #Benidorm”

While one wrote: “Said it before and i’ll say it again, #Benidorm is nothing without the Garveys! Still good mind.”

Steve Pemberton recently told The Sun that he’s keen to reclaim his Benidorm character Mick Garvey one day.

EastEnders actor Shane Richie will make his return to Benidorm in series 10

He said: “Every day was fantastic playing Mick Garvey in Benidorm. We had the best nights out as a cast, hitting the karaoke bars.

“I’m tone-deaf, but love feeling like a rock star. I left the show, as it’s hard to be out there for three months every year when you have a family, but I’d love to go back at some point.”

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