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Big Audrey’s SOS to Nolan over Benidorm balcony ordeal

Stephen Nolan and his mum Audrey larking around in the grounds of Belfast City Hall

May 15 2017

BBC broadcaster Stephen Nolan has told how he received an “SOS call” from mum Audrey after she was left stuck on a balcony while on holiday in Spain.

He told the story of how his mum, “Big Audrey and Wee Betty”, were holidaying in Benidorm last week and the two of them were gassing out on their balcony.

“This is a true story that could only happen to them,” Nolan told his listeners.

“They were out on the balcony on their room and they were sitting there talking 10 a dozen – as they do. Talking absolute nonsense.

“So the cleaner comes into the room, closes the door to the balcony leaving them stuck on the balcony locked out.

“What they then had to do was peer over the wall shouting for people to let them out. And all these Spaniards thinking they were drunk.

“And then I got an SOS call from my mother – ‘what can I do here?’ I said.”

He added: “She said it was a little thin balcony and there’s her stuck up against the glass. And wee Betty who is only three foot two is peering over shouting at people – apparently they were there for three-and-a-half-hours.

“It’s true – these things happen to my mother.”

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