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Dramatic moment fugitive British ex-pat is arrested in Benidorm with his trousers around his ankles ‘after stabbing …

  • David Grundy, 53, originally from Bolton, was arrested in Spain on Sunday
  • Images of the arrest show him being pinned to the ground by officers 
  • Arrest came five days after partner Nicola Houghton was found stabbed 
  • Grundy is accused of attacking her during a row then fleeing the scene

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This is the moment fugitive British ex-pat David Grundy was arrested in Benidorm on suspicion of stabbing his partner in the back

This is the dramatic moment a British fugitive suspected of stabbing his partner in the back was arrested by police in Spain.

Footage shows David Grundy being pinned to the ground by police with his jeans halfway down his legs after he was found following a five-day manhunt.

His attempts to evade justice came to a humiliating end as he was pictured face-down on the pavement with his boxer shorts showing after police searched him for weapons before handcuffing him and taking him away.

The 53-year-old, from Bolton, looked bleary-eyed and sunburnt after officers sat him in the car he had been using while waiting for a police van to take him away.

Grundy was arrested the early hours of Sunday morning in Benidorm after his British partner was stabbed in the back at their expat home a 45-minute drive south in Orihuela Costa.

He was due to appear in court on Monday morning. He is expected to be remanded in custody following the private hearing.

An arrest warrant was issued for Grundy shortly after he vanished in a car apparently stolen from a neighbour following the stabbing.

Grundy, 53, who was originally from Bolton, is accused of plunging a knife into the back of Nicola Houghton, 42, at their Costa Blanca home last Tuesday

The victim, named locally as 42-year-old Nicola Anne Walker Houghton, had a life-saving operation to remove a large kitchen knife from her lower back, and is still in hospital.

Her daughter alerted police after finding her lying in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor, around 9am last Tuesday.

Suspect Grundy, who worked as a taxi driver and gardener, is believed to have been sleeping in the vehicle he was using to avoid capture.

Clothes and £4,000 in cash were found inside the car.

Benidorm councillor Lorenzo Martinez said the arrest showed the ‘efficiency and commitment of the resort’s police force when it comes to making Benidorm safe.’

He added: ‘It says a lot about the professionalism of our officers.’

Juan Carlos Moragues, a central government representative for the Alicante area, confirmed on Thursday an international arrest warrant was out for Mr Grundy.

Grundy is due to appear in court on Monday and is expected to be remanded in custody after a short private hearing, police said

He identified him only by his first name of David, although Spanish police released a picture of the suspect on the first day of their hunt for him.

Mr Moragues also revealed he had fled the crime scene in a stolen car belonging to neighbours whose house he looked after, leaving his own vehicle where it was.

He said at the time the victim was ‘stable but in intensive care’, adding: ‘It would appear a fight or a row began over something which ended with a woman being stabbed with a kitchen knife.

‘Everything is pointing to the man on the run being responsible for the attack.

‘All police forces have been put on alert and we are going to see if we can find him.’ 

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