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Pregnant Danniella Westbrook ‘drinks pints and downs shots’ while partying in Benidorm – as she lashes out at claims …

Danniella Westbrook confirmed she is expecting her third child – her first with Alan Thomason [Danniella Westbrook/Twitter]

The EastEnders star, who joked she was expecting twins with fiancé Alan Thomason, has been faced with claims she “cheated” on her man, while out in Benidorm.

And a second witness has now come forward, alleging they saw the Sam Mitchell actress “drinking pints and downing shots” while out with a pal.

“She was drinking pints with her friend and kept going to the bar to get shots, her mate was doing nothing to stop her,” the eyewitness reportedly claimed to The Sun.

Danniella Westbrook faced speculation about her behaviour while in Benidorm [ITV]

“I had had no idea she was pregnant or engaged, she wasn’t behaving like she was at all.”

They also claimed the Celebrity Big Brother star ‘cracked on’ to a group of younger men, while out in the bar. 

“She kept cracking on top this group of younger lads, but they looked really uncomfortable and kept trying to get away from her,” they continued.

Danniella Westbrook recently got engaged to Alan Thomason [Danniella Westbrook/Twitter ]

“She was all over them but didn’t manage to kiss any of them, in the end they came and chatted to me and my mates just to escape her.

“She was a complete mess, it was pretty embarrassing. I only found out the was engaged and pregnant when I read it online.

“We saw her out getting drunk twice, once at Tikki Bar and then at a place called Black Chicken. She was in really good spirits and dancing with everyone.”

Danniella Westbrook lashed out at claims [Danniella Westbrook/Twitter]

The claims come after Danniella was faced with reports she was “all over” another man while on holiday.


A holidaymaker, known only by Reece, told the publication she “snogged the life out of him” while enjoying the sunshine.

And the website shared a video of the 43 year old planting a kiss on an unknown man’s face.

Danniella Westbrook vowed she did not cheat [Danniella Westbrook/Twitter]

However, Danniella hit back at claims she had cheated on her fiancé with a string of messages on Twitter.

“I actually can’t win. Say no to pictures, have people slag me. Say yes to pictures, get accused of cheating! EVERYONE CAN 0121 DO 1,” she told her 232k followers.


OK! Online has contacted Danniella’s reps for a comment.

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