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Eating out in Benidorm

If you want to eat out in Benidorm you will certainly not be limited in choice. Benidorm offers holidaymakers a huge and even perhaps overwhelming variety of eateries to choose from. Numerous bars and restaurants offer a set menu of the day; this is called a menu del dia, and it simply means that everything is included in the price. In most Spanish restaurants a menu del dia will offer a simple but wholesome meal which changes every day. You also get the (British) expat restaurants that usually offer several starters, followed by a variety of main courses and an assortment of dessert options. Menus of the day are extremely popular with holidaymakers when dining out as you know exactly what meal you’re getting and how much it will cost, and very often wine is included. This makes it really good value for money. (Please note that service charges are not included in the bill in Spain, so it is recommended to leave a tip – around 10% is the norm).

Meals are usually served quite late. Dinner typically starts around 8pm and carries on till late. Lunch is usually served between 1 – 4pm.

If you’re looking for seafood, the restaurants along the coast generally offer fish and other seafood. However, most are not limited to only seafood and will also offer a selection of grilled meats on the menu. The restaurants in Benidorm are used to catering to the wide tastes of visitors from many diverse nations (most of them European).

If you’re in search of local cuisine you will need to go inland a little way off from the tourist district. Here you will find simple local meals that may include vegetable soups and stews, and a variety of meat or game. Be prepared though, the local cuisine includes a great deal of garlic! Wash this down with a couple of glasses of red wine and you have a perfect and inexpensive, meal.
Most of the finest Tapas bars in Benidorm are located in the old town. Be sure to visit the legendary and very Spanish “tapas alley”. Here you will find the street crammed with should-to-shoulder bars that offer small plates of food that vary from some chorizo sausages to extremely elaborate inventions! Here, the floors are often littered with discarded serviettes, which is an indication of the massive amount of hungry patrons that pass through in a very short time!

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