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Why Benidorm is Still a Popular & Fun Holiday Destination

Most of Europe is still reeling from the economic woes of the last few years and Spain is no exception. But even though Spain has had its fair share of economic problems; the Spanish holiday resort of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca is still one of the most popular fun-in-the-sun holiday destinations for many Europeans, especially for the British. Even with a recession going on, the official annual visitor figures keep increasing year after year. If one was to take the economic temperature of Benidorm, we would find that the resort is very much alive and still extremely popular, with Hotel occupancy sitting at a healthy 89.2% at the start of the latest season, and an overall increase of 12% of annual British visitors.
It is not hard to see why Benidorm continues to be one of the top holiday destinations for thousands of Europeans each year. If you are a sun worshipper it is a wonderful place to spend the summer. The ocean is cool and inviting and the popular Levante breach is crowded with scantily clad tanned bodies vying for a patch of beach to stake their claim. Once you have found your spot you can lay out a towel or unfold a deck chair, drench your body with sun block, adjust your sunglasses, and just lie back, relax and soak it all in. The sun, the sea, the sky – this is a sun worshipper’s paradise. And if you want a good position on this crowded beach on the front line near the water’s edge, you need to get there by no later than 7am to claim your spot for the day.
But Benidorm is not just about its beaches. It is a complete summer holiday package. There is so much to do, and one of the reasons why the resort is so popular is because the fun and entertainment is suitable for the whole family. Here, parents, teens, and younger children can have the time of their lives. There is a whole spate of theme parks that offer a wide variety of entertainment from water worlds and marine life to animal kingdoms, and unforgettable experiences such as swimming with seals, of even with sharks if you dare.
At night the resort comes alive, with some of the most vibrant and lively entertainment available anywhere in Europe. Just take your pick: cabarets, musicals, stand up comedians, karaoke bars, crowded pubs – the list is endless, and the fun continues till the early hours of the morning.
Whether you are staying in one of the luxury 5-star hotels, or a self-catering apartment in one of the many high rise apartments with spectacular views, or perhaps you’re camping at one of the comfortable campsites on the fringes of Benidorm – whatever your taste and holiday budget, Benidorm will accommodate you in warm and friendly style, and give you a holiday experience so enjoyable that you may just find yourself among the tens of thousands of visitors that return to this corner of the Costa Blanca year after year.

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